BTF weight loss and wellbeing project

Many of us who live with a thyroid condition find that we struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

Weight just seems to creep up and it feels like losing it is harder for us than for others who don’t have a thyroid disorder....

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We all know that being overweight can impact on our health in many ways.

So, we wanted to develop a programme specifically for people like you, who are living with a thyroid disorder.

We will help you understand more about the thyroid and how it can affect your weight.

We will invite you to share your progress and give feedback. This will help us understand the type of information you find most useful. It will also enable us to improve our support resources in the future.

Over our 12 week programme you will...

Learn from experts about the thyroid and weight management
Receive tips, updates and patient stories to motivate and inspire you
Have the opportunity to take part in our webinars with experts
Have access to a community of other thyroid patients to support your progress

No magic thyroid diet

Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all' approach. So we won’t recommend that you follow a very specific plan. Instead, we will suggest sources of evidenced-based information about diet and exercise. These resources are free to access and in line with NHS guidance. But we're all individuals and the important thing is to find out what works for you.

And remember, this programme is not all about weight loss. Evidence shows that being fit and active not only brings important health benefits, it also improves our wellbeing. Weekly videos from our health psychologist, along with suggestions from other experts, will help you to understand more about wellbeing and how we can boost it.

Whilst the information on this website is aimed at people living with a thyroid disorder, it may also benefit those without a diagnosed thyroid condition. It’s often easier to lose weight with a friend or family member. So if you have a ‘buddy’ who would like to register to take part in the programme as well, this may really help you!

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